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Institute Name: Institute of Management Consultants Norway - CMC Norway 

Date of Foundation: 2007 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 1998

Type of Membership: Full Member

Vision: Institute of Management Consultants Norway - CMC Norway is the Norwegian institute for the Management Consultancy profession and professional individual Management Consultants.

Mission: Our mission is to develop and promote the Management Consulting profession through professional standards, qualification, certification and resources serving their clients with world-class competency and professionalism.

CMC Norway is a Center for Excellence in Management Consulting in Norway.

Main Goals: Main focus areas and specialties:

  • The Management Consulting profession
  • Excellence in Management Consulting - client/consultant relationships
  • Professional international standards
  • Professional development
  • Professional qualification
  • International certification
  • Professional global resources
  • Social media
  • The Management Consulting Award


Tel: +4792804132 


Visiting Address: Gjettumveien 31, 1346 Gjettum, 0219 Baerum, Norway 

Head Staff Person: Alexander Reincke Wendt, CMC, President

Secretariat or Key Staff Name: Kjell Stenberg, Executive Director

Chair: Alexander Reincke Wendt, CMC 

Delegate: Kjell Stenberg, CMC

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