Frequently Asked Question:

Q: When will the standard be available?
A: The Standard has been published since June 1 2017 

Q: Will there be a certification against the standard?
A: No, the standard is not certifiable against, that is why CMC-Global produced the self-declaration list and training.

Q: Can a consultant show that s/he is following the standard?
A: Yes, CMC-Global will provide a check-list in the form of a self-declaration list to enable a personal assessment according to guidelines and criteria. Extent and content of the self-declaration are individually agreed between client and consultant for each project. They will vary typically on the size of the project.  

Q: How can the consultant show this?
A: A consultant who is following the self-declaration list and has attended the training, can self-declare by using the following sentence: "as providers of management consultancy services we deliver our services according to ISO 20700”

Q: How can the Standard be obtained?
A: If you are a CMC or a member of an ICMCI national member, please contact your (IMC) and place your order. If not, you can obtain it directly from your national standardization body.