ISO 20700:2017 Self-Declaration Checklist Trainers Community Meeting

Strength in Quality and not just Quantity: sharing experiences and growing together to train more consultants and clients


In ICMCI’s attempt to keep up to date with the ISO 20700:2017 Self-Declaration Checklist Training activities at the 31 authorized IMCs, a meeting chaired by Robert Bodenstein and Nick Warn was held on 30 November and attended by 45 trainers representing 24 Institutes.

In preparation for the meeting, a questionnaire was sent to all 111 trainers seeking feedback to build on for enhancing our deliverable, assisting IMCs at enhancing theirs, and creating awareness about the benefit of this standard and its ICMCI Checklist to both the consultancy professionals and the clients.

During the meeting, the results of the questionnaire were presented, two success stories were shared by trainers of CMC Ukraine and CMC-Global Institutes demonstrating their online/e-learning delivery and solutions. Those were followed by discussions, questions and answers, and insights to enhance this important delivery that feeds directly to the vision of ICMCI being the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession.

Thanks to all the trainers who attended, more sessions will be held to assure such discussions take place with all our trainers covering the globe and the different time zones. This activity will enable building an action plan that is solid for going forward.