ISO 20700 One Year Anniversary

International Consultants Day 2018 
Shining a Light on Management Consulting

Date: June 6th, 2018
Venue: WKO Sky Lounge - Austrian Federal Economic Chamber 
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63 A-1045 Vienna / Austria



13:00 – 13:30    Registration

13:30 – 14:00 Opening and Welcome Addresses

Reema Nasser, ICMCI Executive Director, Moderator
Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, UEAPME President, and WKO Vice President
Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, Managing Director Austrian Standards, Former ISO Vice President Technical
Robert Bodenstein, ISO PC 280 Chair, ICMCI Board Member
Ilse Ennsfellner, CEN PC 381 Chair
Sorin Caian, ICMCI Chair

14.00 - 14.30     ISO Service Standards
                            The strategy of ISO & Opportunities for management consultancy services 
                           Grün Karl - Director Standards Development at Austrian Standards International – Standardization and Innovation

14:30 – 16:00    ISO 20700 – Contributions to Success!
                            Ideas and Implications on ISO 20700 - Panel discussion


Natalia Makova (EBRD): "Manage complexity and creativity in consulting projects is one of the main tasks for our business".
Adnan Atwa (UNIDO): “The role of standards and ISO 20700 in international development projects”.
Sorin Caian (ICMCI): "The consulting industry is proactively handling the challenges for the business".
Frank Wagner (FCSI): "What can we learn from the development and implementation of other related professional standards".
Bassam Frenn (IRI): "Value of consultancy standards in cooperation and contribution for success".
Gregory Richards (Telfer School of Management): "Training the next generation of management consultants: the importance of standards".
Jack Yao (CCPIT): "Experiences of implementation of ISO 20700 in China".

                            Open Discussion with Participants

16:00 – 16:20    Coffee break

16:20 – 16:55    ISO 20700 – Future context 
                            Possible routes for the consulting industry to strive for successful engagements
                            Q & A
                            Robert Bodenstein, ISO PC 280 Chair, ICMCI Board Member

16:55 – 17:00    Closing address 
                            Sorin Caian, ICMCI 

Recognition: Our thanks goes to WKO for supporting ICMCI in managing the event in Vienna.


17:00 – 18:00    Welcome Drinks
18:00 – 18:20    Introductory Statements

                            Alfred Harl, Chairman IMC Austria UBIT

                            Ezio Lattanzio, Chairman FEACO, European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations
                            Sorin Caian, Chairman ICMCI, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

18.20 - 18.40     Best practice in consulting .... the Constantinus Award .....
                            "The digital caretaker" – more than the black board of the 21st century 

  Thomas Grechenig & Karin Kappel – RISE GmbH
  Friedrich Klocker – Gemeinnützige Bau-und Wohnungsgenossenschaft „Wien-Süd“
  … the benefit for the client
  Christa Kranzl KranzlMarketingUnternehmensberatung, Certified Supervisory Expert

18.40 - 19.00    Keynote presentation
                            "How consultants are dealing with the future" 
                          Karim Taga
                            Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little, Global Practice Leader TIME

19:00                  Get Together
                            Food and Drinks 

For registration please contact: & by maximum 22nd May 2018 
Limited seats and reservations are on first come first serve basis